Welcome to My Beautiful Life

I’m Ehrin and this is my mom blog . My life has been an amazing ride so far and it just keeps getting better. ¬†As a momtrepreneur I am constantly trying to balance work and home and it is a real struggle at times. This blog is where I share the real me. I am a curly hair and hair color specialist by trade, and my business is The Good Wife, Beauty but that is not who I am. I’m Ehrin, MissEhrin and those things are a representation of what’s inside but they don’t represent everything. Since I need to maintain a certain level of professionalism (or at least appear to be trying) I have separated my websites.

Here you will find information on how I make life as an independent work. Managing time, managing money, scheduling clients, making time for family, taking care of myself, taking care of my home and finding time to enjoy it all as well. Life can be turbulent for independents but it can be a beautiful thing if you want it to be.