I’m Ehrin Campbell but people have called me MissEhrin since I was a bossy little girl and now I am a bossy woman. When I was teaching Harmony her Ms’ and Mr’s I just started having people call me MissEhrin that way it was consistent. I do not believe that children should address adults by their first name it’s just how I was raised. That’s my Princess Harmony, she is my one and only and I am working to build her a Queendom in the land of Beauty. She wants to be a hairstylist for people and animals and also a people/animal doctor when she grows up.

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Welp! I’m now 30+ and I’ll be damned if life isn’t a shit ton different than what I thought it would be. Prince Charming sure as hell never showed the fuck up and I just have zero fucks left, I have found that not ALL but a VAST MAJORITY of men are just fucking useless and it’s become, like normal. It’s not just black men either it’s all of ’em. Can’t grill, can’t change oil, can’t change a tire, what about…nope don’t do that either. Like WTF? All the while I’m supposed to be sitting up in your face just appreciating your presence right? No thanks, I gave up on dating and instead taught myself to sew, cleaned up my credit, started making soap, reconnected with my love for photography, started writing again figured out how to design a website and monetize my social media. I took a genuine interest in my home, my career and MYself. All of a sudden (4 years) I wasn’t lonely anymore. It turns out I had become an amazingly interesting person and I really enjoyed my own company to the point of being selfish with it.

I really took a look at myself and realized how much other people’s lives are just as fucked off as mine or worse and I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I examined who was winning, who wasn’t and WHY. I wanted to win and I mean by any means necessary. I let go of people and chose to accept the truth instead of fighting for the lie. Life is very different than what I imagined for myself when I was 15 and 25 but I’m so DAMN THANKFUL. Beauty hand picked me to be here during this time to offer this help. To offer my life and my experiences as a sacrifice, but understand this my sacrifice is my sacrifice. It is non transferable and you cannot take credit where you do not take accountability. How bad do you want happiness?

I have another website if you’re looking for an appointment or something a little more polished and professional. But this shit here, this is me. This is my life, this is how I do my hair, my makeup, my parenting. This is how I ADULT.

I’m really excited I have a few posts up but more are coming. Those posts are just to get my feelers going. I plan on putting my how to’s here so you can see me struggling at home just like you! I’m a Scorpio Sun Leo Sun Rising and Leo Moon. I know many people know what that means so please feel free to share with me how I can use my gifts to help others more effectively. For those who don’t know, it means I feel deeper and I win bigger but only with lots of discipline and balance. We as women need to use what we have to support each other, I no longer give a damn where the help comes from or what color its packaged in, help is help and women need each other. Let me know what you’d like to see, like I said I’m a scorpio so when I crash and burn it’s glorious. But the rise from the ashes, that’s what you need to see and that is just as magnificent.

I am a woman, friend, mother, business owner and beautician but most of all I am magical and that’s not my fault, don’t act like I’m not and don’t expect me to shrink down and pretend either. What a blessing to have been born a woman, even more a black woman. I do not look like my life so enjoy the pictures and the videos but please read the content, it’s truly here to help.