Share your Hairstory

We are talking about products and product hoarding but we’re also talking about why you have those products and how to use them. You sometimes have answers that you don’t know fit someone else’s questions so come share your hair story and your single favorite product with the group. Tell us why you love it and how you use it to get your desired result!

This event is about you, for you to share with and learn from each other. So many of you have been saying you want to see something like this. Come out and participate. A lot of you discuss so many of the same issues over and over everyone and their hair looks so different but you all seem to be in the same place so let’s WINE all about it together!

Space is limited so be sure to pre-purchase your tickets. The doors will open at 2:30 to allow for some meet and greet time before we get started so be sure to bring business cards. You will have an opportunity to talk to our model and touch her hair before we begin. I want you to have the chance to touch her hair before and after so that you can see and feel the difference in her hair.

I’m really excited about this Sunday and I can’t wait to see you there!