Introducing our model

This lovely lady has agreed to sit in the hot seat. She is going to tell her “hairstory” answer questions and even…let you touch it!

Big girl panties!!!!!

We had a consultation a few days ago to discuss what it is she was looking for and so that I could spell out the details of this event.

She wants to keep her hair looking natural but wants to add some warm coppery highlights. I think this is a great idea for fall and warmer colors will blend really well with her naturally dark hair.

We discussed some important things like how we are going to accomplish her desired look and what she should expect from her curls afterward. We tossed the “B” word around a little bit just as an option, she isn’t afraid but I am not sure that bleach will be necessary to accomplish our goal.

For her haircut she wants to keep the length but of course is feeling a little flat up top. We will take her layers shorter and clean up any loose straggling curls from the length that we need to.

Below is her inspiration picture. You can see that she really isn’t looking for a huge dramatic change just something to warm her up and give her some sauce! I’m really excited! She also like the shape of this hair as well, Ionna’s curls are tighter and smaller in diameter than the girl in her photo but she has a good hair-lationship and realistic expectations.

Why women wine is an easy going relaxed environment for women of all ages, ethnicities and curl patterns to come out and engage with each other. While the goal is always going to be have fun we will discuss some real things as well. Part of Ionna’s reality is being a bi-racial baby so we are going to talk about that and what life for her, her hair and her mother was like. Another goal of this event is to lighten your mental load by exposing you to women who you otherwise would never interact with, by doing this I’m hoping to show you how real the struggle is for all women to FEEL beautiful and accepting of what God has given them.

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