Kindergarten Jump Start

It’s not just the kids that go to the first day of kindergarten it’s the parents too.  I’m glad that this school and school district understand that.

Jump start was four “practice days” for the kindergartners. They practice lining up to go to class, they are introduced to their classroom, teacher and classmates. They are able to get familiar with their new environment prior to all the older kids being there.

This was great for getting all the first day jitters out before the real show got started a perfect little dress rehearsal.

The first day, of course Honey wanted to be there and offered us a ride. Bless her heart she tried but we still got there late and all the while Nana was walking around the house nervously asking me what time it was while we waited for Honey to arrive. Harmony was tense, I could feel it as I did a lot of deep breathing to try and calm her down by simply being calm myself.

Harmony at the end of day one

When we walked in the principle was almost finished talking and before either of us were ready the kids were being asked to line up. I was a mess!! I could literally feel Harmony getting upset. She started to cry and I had to look away and let her go alone. It was the quiet cry too the one you know they are really scared. I noticed she had flipped her good up over her head. I said to myself “she’s hiding”. She walked away and I fell apart. I felt like I had let her down by allowing us to get there late. I know I take a long time to adjust to new surroundings and people as does she sometimes but we got there and it was nice to have a ride.When it was time to pick her up later that day she was her happy self introducing me to her new friends and their parents. She even made a friend who was also very tall and an only child. As you can see she had a good day though she still had her hood on.

The next morning we left without the hooded jacket, she wanted it but we couldn’t turn back to get it or we would have been late to the bus. Once on the bus I asked her if she wanted the hood because she felt shy. She said yes and explained that it just made her feel better. I was right, she was hiding. But keeping in mind my own coping habits and the fact that my child is a Scorpio with Scorpio parents it makes sense that she would hide. I wasn’t concerned though, just like mama I knew in time she would poke her head out once she felt comfortable. So Wenesday I made sure she had her hooded jacket, she was honest about her feelings and I felt like I had to respect and honor that that is how she is comfortable coping.

The kids get a locker , and a locker buddy

Thursday was the last day of jump start and before she hopped down to run over to her class she tossed her hooded jacket over to me and said “bye mom!” She was ready and I’m glad I let her cope in her own way and get comfortable in her own time.

I’m really excited about the upcoming school year. We did the four day jump start, went to a meet and greet got to talk face to face with her teacher and meet some of the other parents, we will get to have a conference this week and she will have another half day before she actually starts. I’m so excited this is definitely looking like the perfect setup for us!

Sometimes the urge to “help” our children is less about calming them and more about making ourselves feel better. Kids are really smart and if you listen they will tell you what they need even if they just need space to do them.

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