Recovered Dining Room Chairs

I found my dinning room table and chairs at a garage sale. I never drive down this particular street and so when I saw it I knew it was there just for me. It was just what I wanted a bar height table with 8 chairs not to mention the lazy susan that came with it and all for only $200. As you can see the original seat cushions looked a little shabby. I had been saying I was going to recover them but my apartment really didn’t have any rhyme or reason so I waited until I found some fabric I liked and started to decorate around that. This summer while my princess was away I made good on my word and took care of this little diy project it was really easy. It took 3 yards of fabric, a staple gun and a drill.I used my handy dandy drill to remove the seat cushions from the stool. Next I measured how much fabric I needed for each cushion. Because of the beveled edges on the seat top I had to give myself a little extra wiggle room so I measured an extra 3″ out around the seat cushion to be sure the fabric would fold all the way under the seat for stapling.Fold the edges of the fabric all around. This is great if you need to get out some frustration STAPLE THE HELL OUT OF THE FABRIC! No one is going to see it because it’s underneath and you’re really just making sure it’s secure, not imagining someone’s face under your staple gun.And there you have it a beautiful set of chairs to match my peaceful airy dinning room.I sprayed them with Scotch Gaurd because while my princess does well at the dinning room table she is still only 5, accidents happen and we drink red kool aid….sometimes. 

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