I’m not sure whether to call it a book club, networking group or hair meetup, the inspiration for this event came when my cousin Danetta  took me out for a girls night and at the end of the event I was filled to the brim with new ideas. A year later I read the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek and moved my business back to Azarra Salon and Wine. All these things seemed to be happening independently from each other  but all coming together to help form the foundation for something great.


So we can hang out be girls and drink wine!
I believe women need a safe & healthy outlet, to connect with other women by being vulnerable and honest about things like kids, our feelings and our appearance.
Insecurity comes from not knowing or understanding something about yourself and women with curly/kinky hair have it the worst. The thing that most people don’t realize is that curly/kinky hair is predominate and more people have it than do not. Yes like 80% of the population. I believe if women of different ethnicities had the opportunity to share their hair stories with women other than me it will change the way we relate to each other by allowing us to actually relate instead of differentiate.
Each month we will ask a Why question. I encourage you to read the book Start with Why or watch the Ted Talks video on YouTube. This isn’t make believe it’s science, and the more we begin to question the things we do the more we can change for the better. Sometimes the only reason we do things a certain way is because that is the only way we know.

Women…and 1 Brave man

We all want to look good and feel good. Women who sit in my chair generally all have the same concerns regardless of the color of their skin. They want to feel beautiful and be confident in the way they look. They have usually all had horrible hair experiences with their curls, been made to feel less beautiful for wearing them and feel lost when it comes to caring for them. Women want simple things like  their kids to get along, the laundry to magically wash, dry and fold itself and to connect with other women who want those things too. We like to talk, but somehow we have stopped congregating together discussing our community. My mother taught me that the woman sets the tone for her home and I believe that is 100% true. Working at Azarra with Aura Mae has made that clear. She radiates through the salon even when she is not in it. Tacoma, WA United States is my home and I as a woman do not like the current tone so I must change, and in turn instigate change in others. Women must stop focusing on what makes us different and focus on what brings us closer and ultimately stronger. Our government doesn’t care about regular old us so we must care about and for each other. Men just think differently than women, it’s fascinating really and that’s why a little bit of male energy and perspective among a group of women is just a natural equalizer. We will feature one brave man each month to offer his perspective and possible solutions to our “Winey” topic.

Wine, Yes please!

The curly client needs to feel heard before I ever pick up the shears or the tint brush. They need to whine about their horrible past, what the last stylist did wrong and how they didn’t listen. She needs to tell me her curl type, list all of the products she is currently using and all the products she has tried in the past. You are going to get to see a real live cut and color service starting with a thorough consultation where my client will be allowed to do all the whining they need. Not only that you will get to listen and ask the question, WHY. Every month we will feature a seasonal wine at our meetup. Wine will be available for purchase by the bottle at the end of each event along with Azarra Salon Hair Products. There will be special event pricing for featured products and wine.

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Photo by: Michael Jordan Photography 

Models: Charmaine Riley (left) Eden Patterson LMP (right)